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Insight of the Week: Travel Motivation

Vacations go as far back as the Roman Empire. They give us freedom, perspective, a break from our routine, and memories to last a lifetime. But what are the most common motivators for traveling? We asked our audience using our first-party survey tool to find out.

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Kick Back and Relax

The word “vacation” comes from the Latin word vacare, meaning ‘to be unoccupied’. The definition hasn’t changed much in a few thousand years, and people still view times of travel and vacation as peak periods for relaxation. In our recent survey, 37% of respondents said relaxation was their biggest motivator for planning a trip, and another 21% reported “escape”. Family time (20%), health (6%) and intimacy (2%) followed.

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Family Vacations: A Quest For Fun

While perhaps not the most relaxing option, family tops out as the most common option for who joins us on vacations and travel plans (39%). Solo travel is pretty popular too with 29% reporting that they most often travel alone. Taking a significant other or friends follows up at the end with 17% and 7% respectively.

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