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Kiip & Fooji Partnership Announcement

Posted on by Mike Parrone, Director of Marketing

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Today, we’re delighted to announce our partnership with Fooji, a social advertising company that specializes in on-demand deliveries in real-world scenarios, creating memorable branded experiences.

Since 2010, Kiip has delivered millions of rewards and rewarding experiences to consumers. We've done this with email, snail mail, text, push notifications and interstitials. Now, for the first time, brands can boost the impact of their mobile media by delivering their product, a sample or another tangible item for free straight to your target consumers’ doorstep shortly after seeing your ad.

How it Works

In a recent study done by the Promotional Merchandise Association, 94% of consumers that receive free gifts from a brand never forget the advertiser. With Kiip and Fooji, brands can make that a reality.

Here’s how it works:

  • A user encounters a designated moment on their mobile device.
  • The brand extends an offer to the user to receive a reward. This reward is typically provided by the client, but can be provided by Fooji as well.
  • User provides delivery information.
  • The reward is delivered to the user, typically within two hours.

Fooji’s Magic in Action

Fooji’s proven success delighting users with real-world experiences makes them a natural partner for Kiip.

Most recently, Fooji partnered with HBO to kick off the new season of Silicon Valley. During the premiere, viewers were encouraged to tweet #Sliceline, after the startup pizza delivery service in the show, for a chance to win a pizza of their own as they were watching the show. Fooji then leveraged drones for real time pizza delivery that got numerous publications buzzing. #crushingit

Additionally, on November 11, 2017, Pocky partnered with Fooji to celebrate Pocket Day, their favorite holiday. To spread the holiday cheer, consumers entreated to win a custom Pocky kit by leveraging their #PockyDay2017 hashtag in the Los Angeles area.

Sign Me Up!

Want to be a first to market partner? Check out these turnkey opportunities below.

  • A Case FOR the Mondays
    • For most, Monday is their least favorite day of the week. Help make Mondays better and boost brand favorability by delivering those with “a case of the Mondays,” a “case FOR the Mondays” — a branded pick-me-up delivered straight to their doorstep.
  • Personal Care Package Courier
    • Bring instant and free relief to those in need this cold and flu season by partnering with Kiip and Fooji to greet flu suffers with a remedy of instant relief, delivered immediately to their doorstep when they need it most.
  • Gratitude Emojis
    • This Thanksgiving, we’re inspiring consumers to express their gratitude with emojis and inviting retail brands to respond with emoji-inspired merchandise delivered right to their doorstep.
Have another idea for how your brand can partner with Kiip and  Fooji to deliver real time rewards to your audience? Contact us here.

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