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Kiip Introduces New Monetization Solutions with Rewards Launch for Connected TVs

Posted on by Katie Kerr, Marketing & Branding


Imagine you just binge watched the fourth episode of your favorite TV show on your connected TV when you receive a reward for discounted food delivery to keep you fed on your cozy night in. Or you’re sitting in your parents living room in Denver watching the Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs when you get rewarded for the Broncos win with discounted tickets to their next game. Or your loyalty unlocks  exclusive content when you watch your sixth video clip on your Fire TV ESPN app. For the first time ever, Kiip is making experiences like this possible for brands and viewers by bringing its moments-based rewards to the big screen – your television! Today, Kiip rewards are available on the Amazon Fire TV platform, creating a more engaging experience for the Fire TV user base and expanding revenue streams for connected TV app developers.

As more of our devices – TVs, cars, refrigerators – become connected and gain popularity, it opens up new opportunities for advertisers and developers to get in front of consumers in fresh and exciting ways. We saw firsthand how much users love the experience of getting rewarded for achievements serendipitously on mobile devices, so for Kiip, expanding our offerings to connected TVs made perfect sense. For Amazon, Kiip’s innovative technology can help grow the Fire TV platform because any app can now monetize through Kiip’s Fire TV SDK, enticing new developers to build apps for the platform.

The first app to introduce Kiip rewards to its Fire TV app is quiz game app, QuizTix. QuizTix players can earn real rewards in the form of coupon codes and discounts or virtual currency rewards during various moments of gameplay. For example, in the game Animal Pics, one of the moments happens when a bird flies across the screen and the user catches it simply by clicking on their FireTV remote button, prompting the Kiip-powered reward to display. 

“Kiip’s moments-based ad platform offers a new way for us to connect and engage with Fire TV users around the right moments in our games and provides new monetization solutions for our company,” said Ian Masters, co-founder & creative director of QuizTix. “Offering branded rewards to our users within the Fire TV platform is a unique experience that also helps us differentiate ourselves more from other games on the market.”

If you’re a developer and you’re interested in Kiip’s connected TV rewards experience, email Kiip’s business development team at