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Kiip & Runtastic: Premium Partnership Integration

Posted on by Kabir Mathur, Head of Business Development

We’re excited to be partnering with Runtastic, a premium suite of fitness apps geared towards every step of a user’s fitness journey.

Exercise Gives You Endorphins, Endorphins Make You Happy

Fitness apps have a natural affinity with Kiip. In fact, we see an average engagement rate of 48%, and an average eCPM of $25.98 among our fitness partners. This is no doubt in part due to the state of mind fitness users experience post workout. The rush of endorphins trigger positive feelings, which can lead users to then have a valuable ad experience.

How Kiip Works with Runtastic

Kiip engages with Runtastic end users in Workout Moments. For example, imagine you’ve just completed a long morning jog. You pull out your phone to log the activity. Here, in this moment of pause, Kiip greets the end user with a timely and relevant ad. This ensures the ad experience is positive while also offering surprising and delightful delivery of the ad. The end result validates the end user while fostering a positive emotional connection.

Runtastic Reward Flow.001

Want to learn more about integrating Kiip into your app experience? Email us at, and check out our Developer page.

Be sure to download our Sweatcoin case study for more information on monetizing your app without compromising the user experience.

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