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FAQ: Kiip SDK vs JS Tag

Posted on by Kabir Mathur, Head of Business Development


Getting set up on the Kiip network is an easy way to add an incremental revenue stream to your app, increase your audience’s time spent and loyalty, while connecting your users with top brands. This can be done one of two ways: using the Kiip SDK, or using a JS tag. We break down the differences between these two options below.


What are the benefits of the Kiip SDK?

Overall benefits of the Kiip SDK include:

  • Collects more device level data such as location, device specifications, session length, moment context, etc. This data helps us better target relevant rewards to users.
  • The Kiip SDK has the ability to support several types of trackers commonly used by brand advertisers. Integrating the Kiip SDK with your app ensures that you are eligible to access all of the demand available on the Kiip platform, leading to higher earnings.
  • Virtual currency rewards can only be accessed by enabling virtual currency support from within the Kiip SDK. In 2017 virtual currency rewards accounted for 80% of all rewards served on our platform.
  • Multiple advertising formats are available (interstitial, native, and rewarded video).
  • Support for custom notifications. Custom notifications offer developers the flexibility to surface a reward notification to users via a custom UI element.

Who is the ideal SDK user?

Any genre of app, especially apps with natural pauses and/or achievement based mechanics built into them (i.e. games, fitness, shopping, productivity, communication etc).

How long does it take to set up?

A single developer can implement the SDK in half a day, including QA.



What are the benefits of JS Tags?

JS Tags are a great first step to test Kiip within predefined moments via your preferred mediation platform. It’s super easy to set-up, and no technical work is required.

However, there are limits to JS Tags:

  • Both the volume and quality of data received by Kiip via JS Tags is lower than with the SDK. This can have an effect on our ability to target relevant rewards to specific users
  • Not guaranteed to meet advertiser targeting or tracking requirements, which results in more limited branded reward options. Fewer rewards = lower monetization.
  • Virtual currency support is possible, but depends on the mediation platform being used.

Who is the ideal JS Tag user?

The ideal JS Tag user is a power user of mediation platforms such as MoPub and Google DFP who is already working with a variety of networks.

How long does it take to set up?

Very quick, less than five minutes.

Have additional questions about getting set up on Kiip? Check out this FAQ, or shoot us an email at