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Meet a Kiiper: Kelsey Sleek

Posted on by Mike Parrone, Director of Marketing

Kelsey Sleek is our wonderful HR Admin out of our SF office. Her upbeat personality is infectious through all the offices and plays a large role in adding to the positivity of the Kiip family. 

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When did you start working at Kiip? - November 2018. Can’t believe it’s been over a year! Time flies when you’re having fun.

Job at Kiip? - Officially Human Resources, but also: Chief Snack Officer, Mom to SF Office Dog, Go-To Coffee Runner, Mediocre Google Hangout Fixer

What do you love most about working here? - The people, hands down. Every time I come into work, I feel like I am surrounded by my extended family. I also love that we use Slack as a company, because it gives me the ability to chat and bond with the employees across the country, too. Kiipers are truly the best!

When you are not at Kiip what are you doing? - Obsessing over my new puppy, tapping back at SoulCycle, practicing my extra dirty martini-making skills, or binge-watching Vanderpump Rules. I know, #basic.

Favorite Kiip integrated app? - Perfect 365!

Favorite office snack or drink? - I have a slight obsession with La Croix (so tech company employee of me, I know). Food wise, the popcorn! Or the pretzels. Sometimes the grapes. Definitely the peanut M&Ms when it’s been a stressful week.

Favorite song? - All Too Well by Taylor Swift. Really any song by Taylor Swift if we’re being honest.

What's your superpower? - I have this super ability to be optimistic in every moment. I think it is especially useful in an office setting when things get stressful, so I like to bring it out with my co-workers every-so-often.

Interested in being a Kiiper?

We are hiring! Head to to check out the open positions and apply today.

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