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Mobile Pricing Trends - 2019

Posted on by Mike Parrone

As a trusted partner in the mobile space, Kiip recently contributed to eMarketer's annual Digital Ad Pricing StatPack. The StatPack provides a visual overview of trends that affected display, video and mobile prices in Q4 2018.

Quick look into the StatPack:

Most sources saw gains for in-app smartphone display pricing from 2017 to 2018


Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.36.14 PM


Factors that kept mobile in-app display CPMs healthy in 2018:

Greater comfort and investment in mobile nonsocial in-app advertising from brands: Experts said they saw a greater number of brand advertisers investing in in-app advertising in 2018. Improvements to in-app ad verification and viewability, more private programmatic buying options, and a continued focus on executing ad campaigns in a true cross-screen fashion all played a role.

Maturation of programmatic, particularly with regard to PMPs: App developers embraced programmatic for monetization; many sellers and platforms also upped PMP and programmatic guaranteed offerings, which helped to raise CPMs. In select cases, greater adoption of advanced bidding (the header bidding equivalent for in-app) may also drive prices up, but it’s early days; many are still testing this capability.

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