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Sweatcoin Case Study: How a Fitness App Dominated the App Store in 2018

Posted on by Kabir Mathur, Head of Business Development

Bad ads hurt your app. No, really, they do. Bad ads can leave lasting damage, and with thousands of apps added to the app store every month, users have no incentive to stick with apps that leave a bad taste in their mouth.

So, how can apps monetize without jeopardizing the user experience?

Download the case study and see how partnering with Kiip gave Sweatcoin an ad engagement rate 12x the industry average.

Kiip & Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin, a leading fitness and wellness app, wanted to monetize its app without compromising the user experience.The integration went beyond monetization and was a fundamental tool in Sweatcoin’s user retention strategy. A daily check-in with Kiip’s ad unit incentivized users with in-app currency while allowing brands to share timely and meaningful ad experiences with users.

app monetization

Download the Sweatcoin case study and learn how:

  • Sweatcoin was able to generate an average interstitial engagement rate of 61%, 12x the industry average.
  • Sweatcoin was able to cultivate a premium audience, offer high-quality rewards, support a rapid increase in users, all while generating revenue, all without hurting the user experience.
  • By respecting the user experience, Sweatcoin was able to climb to the #1 spot on the app store.

Download the Case Study

Want to learn more about integrating Kiip into your app experience? Email us at, and check out our Developer page.

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