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While online shopping is on the rise, it’s not equal across all industries. According to new research from Shopify, retail has struggled to break through, making up only 10% of online sales in 2017. What’s making consumers pause when it comes to online shopping, and how can brands encourage them to spend with confidence online?

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Posted on by Mike Parrone, Director of Marketing

Online v In-Store Retail Shopping

This month’s report takes a deep dive into what makes retail shoppers tick.

  • What are the main hesitations to online shopping?
  • How do online shoppers differ from those that prefer in-store?
  • What do consumers look for in a shopping experience?
  • Does the day of the week impact whether a consumer spends online...
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Posted on by Brian Wong, CEO

Today, we’re excited to announce the exclusive beta launch of Kiip’s Clip-to-Card product. With Clip-to-Card, Kiip becomes a premier partner for retailers to help drive in-store sales, giving consumers unprecedented redemption opportunities for rewards by clipping rewards direct to their loyalty card.

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Posted on by Maria Breaux, Marin Software

When it comes to shopping ads, Q4 and mobile go together like thumbs on a small screen (literally).

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Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

There have been two interesting articles recently about mobile shopping, particularly around the holiday season. The posts had all the usual facts about how mobile is growing, marketers need to build native apps, etc – the things we’ve all heard before. But there was one part of the analysis that jumped out: 84 percent of smartphone shoppers...

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