What’s New in the Kiip SDK Version 3.0

Posted on by Reid Coggins, Product

Kiip SDK 3.0

The latest version of our SDK is now live! Here’s what to expect in the new and improved 3.0 Version.

General SDK 3.0 Updates

  • Augmented Reality: Now, users can launch their device camera with an overlay.  The overlay moves as the device and background moves. Overlays can also be interactive. Check out our AR demo here.
  • Capturing all redirects: This allows Kiip to open the webpage from a redirect reward in a webview from the reward unit.
  • New OS version session handling: Session start call now supports newer device operating system versions.
  • Reception quality check: This adds the ability for Kiip to target advertiser campaigns to devices with a given reception quality.
  • Updated docs for virtual currency name field: Part of Kiip’s support for multiple virtual currency types handling.  Please see developer documentation for more information.

In addition to the updates above, we’ve made the following changes specifically to our iOS SDK.

iOS SDK 3.0

  • Native placement: Allows Kiip reward to be placed inline vs. only being shown as a fullscreen interstitial.
  • User ID: Defines unique identifier for user for cases when Kiip needs to push virtual currency to a user.
  • Close button delay: Allows for brief delay before user can close redirected webpage in order for metrics to be collected.
  • Pass age and age range data: Allows apps to pass this user data for reward targeting to Kiip. This can be used to target users for rewards like alcohol that require age verification.

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