Kiip Data is Different

For seven years, Kiip has logged tens of billions of events in mobile apps. This data has allowed us to generate some of the highest engagement and awareness metrics in the industry.


First Party, Always

Through our SDK, we maintain a direct relationship with our publisher network, which allows us to verify all network data passed to our servers. This means data from real people, on a real devices, in real time.


Mobile Only

Since starting in 2010, Kiip has always been a mobile-first company. Our network is comprised of 10,000+ mobile apps across all verticals including gaming, fitness, food & drink, beauty, dating, entertainment, finance, news, music, productivity and travel.


At Scale

Kiip sees tens of millions of devices in the U.S. and over 2.5x that number abroad. We log over 100 data events per second each of which contains dozens of attributes including device characteristics, carrier information, GPS derived location, app usage and campaign engagements.

Data Buyers Welcome

Kiip data can be licensed for various use cases and delivered at scale, including:

  • Full firehose
  • Custom data sets
  • Identity matches (Email + MAID)
  • Country-specific data


Kiip Surveys

Surveys for your mobile audience

Kiip employs mobile-first design principles, granular targeting, and a variety of question formats.

Question types include:

  • Mobile Video
  • Multiple Choice
  • Select All that Apply
  • Email Acquisition
  • Demographic Acquisition
  • Birthdate

Leverage Kiip Surveys for insights on attribution, brand awareness, customer sentiment, development of customer audiences, data validation, understanding of out of home ad effectiveness, and more.


We Know Our Audience

At Kiip, we respect our users and their voice. From day one, Kiip's mission has been to surprise and delight consumers with rewards and value-based advertising, not inundate them with interruptions.  We bring that same philosophy to our surveys, resulting in a much higher level of engagement than traditional surveys.

The Kiip network is comprised of millions of mobile consumers who enthusiastically share their preferences and opinions as they engage with content in moments throughout their day. The Kiip audience is more likely to respond because Kiip surveys are quick and easy to use and contribute to an overall positive mobile experience.


Non-incentivized survey responses from Kiip Users in the past 18 months.


Average number of responses per survey.