A Revolution in Advertising Transparency, While Rewarding the Consumer

Digital advertising industry has grown and matured at an astounding rate, attracting large, dominant forces such as Google and Facebook, as well as droves of smaller advertising technology companies. Despite all of the innovation happening in ad tech, the digital advertising supply chain has been forgotten and has become so complex that it is no longer manageable.

Digital advertisers have also forgotten their biggest priority: the user. As it currently stands, the user is taken advantage of, their data resold, all for an annoying experience without anything in return.
What if the very ad dollars being spent (and often wasted) to reach  users was instead put to good use to reach users in the form of a reward good for digital goods and services?

At Kiip, we've decided to create the future by exploring blockchain products that address the issues above. Koin is our media token, and Single Ledger is our transparency and consensus product.

The current advertising ecosystem does not value users:

Koin seeks to change the traditional paradigm through value creation for all parties. In doing so, we ensure that that media impressions are engaged with by the end user, with a reward for them at the end.





Unrivaled Digital Advertising Supply Chain Transparency and Consumer Value

  1. In order to create the most transparent and efficient product possible, we launched our blockchain initiative in two phases.
  2.  While Single Ledger was our first release, Koin was always our North Star. Koin provides a transparent way for brands to buy advertising to reward users for their time and attention.