Access Kiip's Unique Mobile, In App Inventory Programmatically

Brands can buy mobile moments across Kiip’s network programmatically; through OpenRTB or PMP deals. We can also set up programmatic guaranteed deals. This includes direct 1:1 integrations with marquee apps and hand-picked placements in apps that embody Kiip’s moments philosophy -- to engage consumer during natural pauses in their app experience. Customers are most engaged and receptive to brand messaging during these pauses, resulting in higher engagement and better brand-consumer relationships.
Kiip is available programmatically in all leading DSPs through Rubicon or shoot us a note about setting up a PMP deal or a programmatic guaranteed deal. 

Activate Kiip on Rubicon
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    Unique Moments-Based Inventory

    Inventory is based on actions, giving us a complete and current view of the consumer.
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    Deep, continuous insights on campaign performance. No surprises, no fraud.
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    Exceptional Campaign Results

    Outperforming the competition with 20% CTRs and 90%+ VCRs.

Programmatic Data & Targeting

  • Moment-Based Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • 1st & 3rd Party Data Segments
  • Retarget Previous Engagers 
  • Contextual Targeting

Product Suite: Video

  • Fullscreen Video
  • Vertical Video
  • Rewarded Video
  • Scalable Native Unit

Product Suite: Display

  • Fullscreen Video
  • Scalable Native Unit


Our Clients

Industry leaders leveraging Kiip programmatically include:
CVS Pharmacy Uber McDonald's Teva Clorox Hershey's

Case Study: 95%+ Video Completion Rates

Throughout 2017, a leading health-focused CPG brand leveraged Kiip programmatic capabilities to drive video views with a focus on quality inventory. These deals were both through the open marketplace and PMPs. 

By creating a positive user experience in natural moments of pause, Kiip encouraged consumers to voluntarily engage with the brand.

Download the case study and see key performance highlights, client testimonials, and insights into why Kiip's approach to programmatic was essential for the overall success of the client's program performance.